Pollyanna (1960)

  • HD 1080
  • Year: 1960-05-19
  • IMDB: 7

Pollyanna (1960) : Watch Movie Pollyanna(1960) Online Full HD A young girl comes to an embittered town and confronts its attitude with her determination to see the best in life.

Casts : Pollyanna (1960)

  • Pollyanna (1960)

  • HD 1080
  • 7
  • 02 Hours 14 Minutes
  • Pollyanna (1960) : Watch Movie Pollyanna(1960) Online Full HD A young girl comes to an embittered town and confronts its attitude with her determination to see the best in life.
  • Country:
  • United States
  • Director:
  • David Swift

Reviews : Pollyanna (1960)

  • A review by: Wuchak

_**A spiritless New England town needs a shot of life and joy**_ In 1912, an optimistic orphaned girl used to poverty as the daughter of missionaries (Hayley Mills) travels to Harrington, Vermont, to live with her wealthy aunt (Jane Wyman), who “owns” the town and runs it with a joyless legalistic hand. The dispirited citizens desperately need this lil’ effervescent angel. Richard Egan plays a doctor, an ex-beau of the aunt who returns to town while Carl Malden plays the pastor seriously in need of an epiphany. Nancy Olson, Adolphe Menjou and Agnes Moorehead also have key roles. ...Read More

  • A review by: Peter McGinn

Forty years after Mary Pickford made her successful version of Pollyanna, based on the children’s book and a play, Walt Disney turned his creative team to the task. Unless you are a fan or a student of silent movies, you will probably find this newer version more entertaining. Hayley Mills shines as the cheerful child who teaches an entire town to play the optimistic aGlad Game, and she is bubbly and cute enough to pull it off. I enjoyed the humor and the pace of the story. Not a lot was left off, as it was in the short one hour long silent film. Disney films always find great characte...Read More

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