The Adam Project (2022)

  • HD 1080
  • Year: 2022-03-11
  • IMDB: 7.1

The Adam Project (2022) : Watch Movie The Adam Project(2022) Online Full HD After accidentally crash-landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future.

Casts : The Adam Project (2022)

  • The Adam Project (2022)

  • HD 1080
  • 7.1
  • 01 Hours 46 Minutes
  • The Adam Project (2022) : Watch Movie The Adam Project(2022) Online Full HD After accidentally crash-landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future.
  • Country:
  • United States
  • Director:
  • Shawn Levy
  • Keywords:

    2050s escape explore time travel
  • Tags:

    2050s escape explore time travel

Reviews : The Adam Project (2022)

  • A review by: Benzasayz

The Adam Project is a sci-fi movie that takes you on a wild, CGI-filled flight that is out of this world-with futuristic technology that makes you excited but also afraid of what could come, The sci-fi elements look so realistic - as realistic as those can be - that it gives the impression that the cinematographers used time travel themselves to capture these scenes. Exceptional fight scenes that defy gravity. This film also takes you into some very realistic topics, too, like grieving for a loved one, being bullied by classmates and accepting who you are. Ryan Reynolds is in front of us...Read More

  • A review by:

**Full Analysis at** - **Intro** - Released in March 2022, The Adam Project is a movie for those who love Sci-Fi, actions, CGI, and those who wish to change their past to let any regrets disappear. The Adam Project delivers a combination of funny entertainment and some meaningful messages. Ryan Reynolds and the director, Shawn Levy, are back together after the incredible success of Free Guy. - **The Story** - Adam Reed is a young boy grieving his father’s death and suffering the pains of bullying. Then, one night he found a wounded pilot in his dad’s garage. The intruder nee...Read More

  • A review by: RADIO1'S MR. MOVIE!-MAD AMI 🌠

**" BACK -{ FROM }- THE FUTURE 🌠 "** A Netflix **-{ MINI }-** Review... Film Seen around March 27, 2022. It -{ ISN'T }- "very likely" to be released in Cinemas.( Made For STREAMING ). ______________________________________________________ Ellie { Young Adam's Mom }: "This's the third time you've been suspended for fighting". Young Adam: "I know. You'd think I'd be better at it by now!!!" ______________________________________________________ If you're someone who's presently in the mood to take a -Welcome- Break from all the doom and gloom on the news right now and watch a...Read More

  • A review by: Nathan

Despite having shades of _Back to the Future_, _The Adam Project_ finds a way to pave its own path to deliver a fun and heartwarming story about self-forgiveness. The movie starts incredibly strong, introducing the viewer to the main characters. The chemistry between the two actors is fantastic and feels really genuine, creating an instant connection between the two and the audience. Walker Scobell does an excellent job doing his best Ryan Reynolds impersonation, making me really buy into the fact that they are the same character. This pace carries on up until the second act when characters an...Read More

  • A review by: mooney240

**Overall : Its sincere story results in one of Netflix's better original movies.** A surprisingly heartfelt film that shocked me with how well it made me care for each of its characters. I watched this movie with low expectations due to Netflix's disappointing track record of mediocre original movies. Each actor felt typecast into roles they had played before but still delivered meaningful performances. The effects and production were fairly typical of a Netflix project. But even though I can't say each specific part of The Adam Project was particularly remarkable, the sum of all its parts...Read More

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