Unsane (2018)

  • HD 1080
  • Year: 2018-02-21
  • IMDB: 6.251

Unsane (2018) : Watch Movie Unsane(2018) Online Full HD A woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear.

Casts : Unsane (2018)

  • Unsane (2018)

  • HD 1080
  • 6.251
  • 01 Hours 38 Minutes
  • Unsane (2018) : Watch Movie Unsane(2018) Online Full HD A woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear.
  • Country:
  • United States
  • Director:
  • Steven Soderbergh

Reviews : Unsane (2018)

  • A review by: John Chard

Divisive Dilemas. Have to be honest, I had no idea this was filmed on an iPhone 7 or that it was directed by Steven Soderbergh. I was stuck for something to watch on cable the other night and I liked the sound of the plot premise. So unburdened by expectation of a searing horror classic I settled in to see what unfolds. Plot has Claire Foy as Sawyer Valentini who inadvertently commits herself to a mental health institution. Once inside things being to unravel and the threat of her one time stalker now being even close to her opens up the book of terror - but is it real? Firstly you ha...Read More

  • A review by: Gimly

Every time Claire Foy is not on the screen, the calibre of acting in _Unsane_ drops to laughable. I'm glad that Soderbergh is able to put together films for the seven-figure price range, but the fact of the matter is that the camera on an iPhone just isn't that good. It's decent enough to (in most scenes) get the visuals across, but never decent enough to not be a distraction. _Unsane's_ tale is relatively well told, but also something that's been done before, and considering the man in the director's chair, something that probably should have been done better too. _Final rating:★★½ - ...Read More

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